DR Premier 10.5 RS Field & Brush Mower

DR Premier 10.5 RS Field & Brush Mower

  • £2,59900

The lightest field and brush mower in the range fitted with a 26" fixed deck.

The DR Premier 10.5 is the lightest field and brish mower in the range. With a 26" (66cm) mowing width and plenty of power to cut through thick grass and saplings up to 2" (5cm) thick. Powered by a manua starting Briggs & Stratton Power-Built engine with three forward gears and one reverse, this field and brush mower is built to efficiently clear overgrown areas quickly and efficiently. the sealant-filled tyres make them highly resistant to punctures caused by sharp sticks and other sharp objects in the field.


Get the job done quickly without compromising on manoeuvrability

The 26" wide cutting deck ensures progress is swift when cutting through weeds, brush, grass or even 2" thick saplings but moving the machine around is still achievable. 

DR Premier 26 Field & Brush Mower capacity

Mulching Decks

Mowing decks on the walk behind field and brush mowers are enclosed on 3 sides, so that cut material is cut and then re-cut, reducing grass and brush to a fine mulch. This means less material is left behind in your field, and none of the windrows you get with side-discharging mowers.


Sealant-filled tyres

The 16" wheels are fitted with sealant filled tyres making them resistant to punctures caused by sharp sticks, glass and even nails.

DR Tyre


Technical Data

Deck Width 26" (66cm)
Cutting Height  3.5" (8cm)
Max. Brush Diameter 2" (5cm)
Max. Brush / Weed Height 8' (243cm)
Max. Grass Height 4' (121cm)
Deck Fixed - 12 Gauge Steel
Starting Method Manual
Engine Briggs & Stratton Power-Bulit OHV
Cylinder Displacement 344cc
Number of Cylinders 1 (Cast-Iron Sleeved)
Air Filter Dual-Filter
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.6 litres
Lubrication Splash
Dimensions L x W x H 80.5" x 33" x 48" (204x 84x122cm)
Weight 122kg
Warranty  2 Year Domestic

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