DR Lawn Aerator Electric Start

  • £2,39900

Take your lawn to the next level with regular aeration. The DR Lawn Aerator  is a pro-style coring aerator, that pulls 2-3" plugs to channel moisture and nutrients to the roots.

Aeration is an important piece of a superior lawn maintenance program, and the one that is most often neglected. Coring reduces compaction—the primary obstacle to healthy grass—allowing your lawn to breathe, absorb water and nutrients, and extend its root system.

The DR Lawn Aerators cast-iron crankshaft synchronizes the tines. Each tine is precisely angled to cleanly extract a 5/8" diameter plug of soil and automatically eject it. The tines literally "walk" the machine across your lawn.

Features of DR Lawn Aerator 

Extended Life Engine

The 205cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine provides 8 Ft-lbs Torque to the cam shaft drive. Available in manual or electric start, these engines are manufactured for extended life and smooth operation on the first start and the 500th.

Gentle Turf Tyres

Steel rims and solid rubber tyres provide necessary traction without leaving behind treadmarks. Because self-propelled drive comes from the cams themselves these tyres can be smoother than on ordinary outdoor power equipment. The result is a neater looking lawn after aeration.

Self Propelled

The DR Lawn Aerator sets a comfortable pace moving at 2.5mph as soon as you engage the bail handle. Power from the engine is focused on the unique cam engine that propels the unit and drives the coring tubes. Manouevrability is easier than larger industrial units.

Technical Data

Tines 3
Core Spacing 4 in
Working Depth up to 2.75 in
Engine Briggs & Stratton 800 Series OHV
Starting System Recoil
Power 4.1 KW
Cylinder One, with cast-iron cylinder sleeve
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.8 Litres
Speed 2.5 mph
Weight 89 kg


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