DR PRO Stump Grinder

  • £2,09900

Removes any size stump and reduces it to woodchips.

With a DR Stump Grinder never again will you struggle with back-breaking and time consuming methods of stump removal like digging by hand, ripping out with a tractor and chains, burning or chemicals. Thanks to a world class Brggs & Stratton engine and carbide-tipped cutting teeth, the DR Stump Grinder can pulverize any size stump and turn it into a pile of wood chips. Compact and manoeuvrable, the DR Stump Grinder can operate almost anywhere. The adjustable handlebars keep the operator comfortably in control. A simple, rugged design, with few moving parts means this machine will be around for many years.


Mining-grade carbide teeth.

The cutter head features 8 steel teeth that are tipped with mining-grade tungsten carbide, a material 10 times harder than steel and which is used for drilling through bedrock. Spinning at 2800 rpm, these teeth take a remarkable 360 "bites" per second!

Easy Transportation

With lugged, high-flotation tires and a lightweight design, the DR Stump Grinder is easy to transport to any stump on your property and because of their size, the tyres keep the machine elevated over the growing wood chip pile as you grind a stump away.

Simple hand controls.

Control the wheel brakes and engine throttle right from the handle bars. Lock one wheel in place while you pivot the machine back and forth to grind away a stump. Unlock and reposition as needed, right from your working position.

Simple operation.

Position the DR Stump Grinder over a stump, lock one wheel in place with the wheel brake, engage the cutting head, and pivot easily from side to side, shaving an inch or so with each pass. Reposition the machine and repeat until the entire stump is reduced to a pile of wood chips.

Technical Data

Engine Type Briggs & Stratton OHV
Engine Start Manual
Cylinder Displacement 306 cc
Ft Lbs Torque 14.50
Cylinder One
Air Filter Paper
Lubrication Splash
Fuel Capacity 3 Litre
Tyre Dimensions 15" x 4.75"
Dimensions (L x W x H) 51" x 29" x 39"
Weight 63kg
Warranty 2 Year Residential Warranty

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